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Global Outcomes, Inc. is an affiliate of
Amethyst Technologies, LLC.

Global Outcomes, Inc. (GO) is a non-profit affiliate of Amethyst Technologies, LLC with a mission to promote quality healthcare for all (the belief), education (the way to improve the individual), and economic empowerment (the way to improve the community). We believe that a balanced and thriving community that transcends gender, economic status, and ethnicity is comprised of safe and effective healthcare facilities with access to quality education and business opportunities without boundaries.


GO provides quality resources to promote Correct, Consistent, and Compliant healthcare delivery in rural and low-income environments in the US and developing world. We develop model facilities that are able to sustain the requirements of country codes, the World Health Organization WHO, ISO, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and serve as centers for training and safe clinical trials. GO provides innovative training methods that are inclusive and effective in developing a healthcare workforce targeting all levels of healthcare workers including community healthcare workers, midwives, nurses, and physicians. We provide innovative products that improve global health outcomes.


GO promotes the inclusion of underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related careers with the delivery of interactive events for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students. Innovative software is used to teach mathematics, science, and technology that is based on natural methods of acquiring knowledge.

Economic Empowerment

GO implements entrepreneurship training programs in rural and low-income developed settings to promote the creation of technical businesses that provide valuable community resources, result in job creation, and develop a skilled workforce. Technical businesses developed in areas that sustain communities including healthcare, environment, agriculture, and education are supported throughout the early stages by GO and its partners.